Dani Daniels gets plundered by Xander

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Xander is helping his dad’s girlfriend Dani, move her stuff into their house because she’s moving in! Xander knows this is going to kill his father-son time and is not happy with the circumstance. Since Xander was being an asshole and acting as if her furniture was from the 1950s, Dani decides she isn’t going to help him move her stuff. As Xander high tails it down the stairs, Dani pleads for him to to go and tells him there’s other perks that he can benfit from living with her. She drops down to her knees and starts blowing him until she’s ready to hop on her bed, stick that hung dripping bootie in the air and get her slit fucked from behind. He even gets to drops his load inside of her. Those are perks a man can live with!

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